Friday, February 24, 2012

new move, new pilgrimage, new adventure!

its been a year since I came back from my pilgrimage, and there were up and downs along with it. Being back in my country, at my organizations, coupled with two other ministries... it's kinda not new, but new. Not new because mostly I deal with the same situations, same circumstances, same type of ministries, same work more or less.. but its also new because I met new people and new methods. But most significance was because I have a new life, or a new me. Some people saw it, some don't. Sometimes I realized it, sometimes don't.

After a year, now I quit my job, realizing that it is tough to reach my dream if I stay. The others, one will surely end very soon, and the other one will have to wait, as I decided to embark a new pilgrimage which can make me move to a new place, even different city perhaps. Where will I go, I will learn to surrender and see where this road will take me...

But life isn't just following roads. There are many crossroads which needs what called decision to take. And so here I am, discerning, waiting, and thinking about which decision to take for my future. Yes there are always options, (thank God for that :D) but to choose the right one is not easy. To walk these lines is part of the pilgrimage of life.

In a pilgrimage of life it is really important to learn to put trust and faith. In God, in oneself, and in others. As Abraham walked in the wilderness, as Moses did, faith, although as small as a mustard seed is required to survive this pilgrimage, in fact, it's the most important requirements. Facing these uncertainties one can be confused and discouraged, but it is also where faith bloom, and character build. Its about taking risks, and following your heart.

So here I am, being bold and different than the old me. Taking risks, 'burning my boat' to start a new pilgrimage, to set out a new adventure which awaits me this year. Where will I be? I don't know. What I know is that I will go to Europe to continue this pilgrimage of trust on earth, and come back to my country after a month. What will I do? I have some ideas, but not fixed yet!

I've predicted this before. Now is time to walk the talk.

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